Our ‘Every Inch of Fabric’ range is an effort to re-purpose precious fabric to create wearable art. The applique has frayed edges by design and that is a character we have intentionally lent to them.

Since this vibrant mix of textile will have hand-dyed pieces too, which can bleed over the first few washes, WE REQUEST YOU TO ONLY DRY CLEAN THEM WITH A TRUSTWORTHY DRY-CLEANER.

Clothes from the Origins in Kerala range can be washed gently in cold water.

Mens mundu can be washed in cold water in a gentle cycle.

We only recommend a dry clean for all products with kasavu (zari).

All products which are hand-dyed or with surface ornamentation should only be dry cleaned with a trustworthy dry cleaner.

Silk or cotton silk products should only be dry cleaned and must not be washed at home.

We request you to take utmost care while cleaning the products, as we do not accept exchanges or issue refunds for products damaged due to mishandling.