About rouka

Meaning ‘bodice’ in Malayalam and ‘corridor’ in Japanese, ROUKA stands for clothing that bridges the weaver and the wearer. Designer Sreejith Jeevan balances the scales of time through his work; between a ‘modern old’ and the ‘nostalgic new’ aesthetic. The label works with local artisans to embrace mindful practices while reinventing traditional weaving techniques for the contemporary times of today.

Sreejith is a design graduate from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad and the Ecole Nationale Superieure Des Arts Decoratifs, Paris. He founded ROUKA in 2014 and debuted at the Lakme Fashion Week through the GenNext platform. Jeevan works with Indian textiles, from his studio in Kochi, creating a homegrown style that derives from the essence of people, culture and crafts

Rouka finds its home in Kochi. This is where we create, find inspiration and derive our sensibilities from. Rouka’s design language is informed by the region. From the rich Keralan tradition to Kochi’s eclecticism, the city informs the label’s approach to luxury.

Jeevan’s work with the Kerala Kasavu saree, considered a ceremonial garb, started as a response to the rehabilitation tasks post the floods in Kerala in 2018. He reimagined the traditional Kasavu in a contemporary style, which was essential to uplift the weave and its craftspersons. His work with the Chendamangalam weaving cluster post the floods has put them on the craft map of the country. Shop from this range of contemporary handloom saree online.